Image analysis

It identifies all of your needs, including the specific features of your silhouette and your style, all based on your social activities and your professional life.

Color analysis:

It is about the study and research of the ideal colors based on your skin tone, your eyes and your hair. This is the most important aspect of the image consultant’s job. It is based on the 4 season’s method. With the use of color swatches placed close to your face we define the ideal colors for your clothes, accessories as well as for your hair and your make-up.

Body shape

After an analysis of your face and body type including strengths and weaknesses, I will identify the best cut for your clothes, the ideal accessories to use and an optimal hair-cut which will enhance your silhouette.


Your style is deeply influenced by our character and it is essential that it remains authentic and true to it. Together we will identify your predominant style and your secondary one, whether it’s rock, glam, sexy, casual, romantic or bohemian. Based on the results, we will choose the clothes and accessories that best express your character and emotions.

Wardrobe analysis

Once the above steps have been accomplished, we can now review your wardrobe and apply the results obtained. We will analyze all of your clothes, identifying those suited to your body shape and colors, those that can be used again with the right accessories and those you need to get rid of.

Shopping, hairstylist and make-up artist

Based on the results of the analysis, I will be happy to accompany you to shop for your clothes and to recommend a hairstylist and make-up artist in order to enhance your overall personal image.